As the prior Director of Environmental, Health, Safety, and Security (EHS&S), Vectrus, I am pleased to recommend Mr. Joe Balas to you. Mr. Balas was a key player on our Environmental Health and Safety team, and in that capacity worked closely with me for three (3) years prior to my retirement.
In the period that I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Balas, he not only came across as a very professional and competent person, but also a very compassionate co-worker. His contribution to the numerous projects was beyond reproach and always with exemplary results. His dedication, hard-work and sincerity enable him and the organization to excel. He was always willing to take on additional responsibilities in our every changing environment without hesitation.
One of the projects Mr. Balas lead was the reduction of our work-related incidents across programs worldwide. One of his key objectives was to equip the workforce with a range of non-technical skills that complemented technical competency and included teamwork, situational awareness, decision making, communication and workload and fatigue management. He was able to gain a comprehensive understanding of the root causes of incidents and addressing them holistically to effectively prevent them. He used his understanding of human factors’ impact on incidents and a keen focus on people’s inherent behaviors, characteristics, needs, abilities and limitations, to help develop a sustainable and safe working cultures. The overall result was a 50% reduction in work related incidents in a single year.
Mr. Balas was also instrumental in the development of new key aspects of our audit system. He was instrumental in assuring that each deficiency identified was addressed, the corrective action to be taken was noted, and the audit person or team responsible was properly documented by the effected program. To control the corrective action process, Mr. Balas help develop a comprehensive user-friendly tracking system. This tracking system included periodic status reports shared with affected levels of management, specific reports such as completion of an engineering study, and a final implementation report to provide closure for audit findings that had been through program management and then shared with affected employees. This tracking system provided the programs with the status of the corrective action. It also provides the documentation required to verify that appropriate corrective actions were taken on deficiencies identified in the audit.
I would fully and whole heartedly recommend Mr. Joe Balas to you, he has a proven track record and would be a definite asset to any organization.

David Sealander,
Director, EHS&S


I have known Joe Balas for over 10 years, both as a peer and as his manager. Joe has a broad range of knowledge that includes his Air Force Human Factors and operational aviation safety experience and his OSHA industry experience. He uses this knowledge to provide in depth analysis of work flow processes and their standardization. He is willing to take on difficult tasks and see them through to completion, reviewing deliverables continuously to be able to provide the most complete document possible. Joe worked with me extensively when preparing the submission for the 2015 RoSPA award. Due in no small part to his meticulous review and input, we won the award for 2015.

Joe Balas is a decisive team leader and a results-oriented team player. As his manager I relied on Joe’s Human Factors knowledge when we developed a Manual Handling process for the field. This same knowledge was applicable when performing task analysis, incident investigations and reviewing processes for updates. Joe was the lead for revisions improving injury/illness reporting; adding more precise drop-down selections which enhanced data analysis efforts. He was a co-designer for a “Corrective Actions” reporting system that aligned Key Performance Indicators to the corporate safety goals.

Joe was a pleasure to work with and his continued drive and commitment inspired other team members to perform at that same level from which we all benefited immensely.

Christopher Hause, CSP
Vectrus ESH Manager


I worked with Joe Balas for four years on numerous projects where he shared his expertise in health-related safety situations and OSHA requirements. Two key projects were the 2016 Hazard Hunt Program and Near Miss support for the programs.
We worked on the Hazard Hunt Communications Plan together detailing deliverables and timelines for the three phases.
Joe developed and implemented a Near Miss Training module for Vectrus University that focused on injury prevention. I created and implemented a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project for ESH Metrics Enterprise System Near Miss Reporting. These combined projects resulted in a 50% improvement in near misses.
Joe was a great mentor. He was professional, objective and passionate about all aspects of environment, safety and health and his knowledge of military terms and their ways of conducting business was a huge asset to me. He was a pleasure to work with and based on his numerous achievements, I strongly recommend him.
Marlene Wagar, MBA
Vectrus ESH Analyst