Worker Fatigue Management Training

Worker fatigue is a significant problem in many industries, mainly due to jobs that require long or irregular hours, on-call requirements, rotating or poorly designed shiftwork schedules.  These workplace circumstances result in an accumulation of sleep debt (fatigue) which can become a serious workplace safety hazard and impact the health of the worker.

Fatigue affects both employer and employee in the following ways:

  • increased sick time, absenteeism, rate of turnover;
  • increased medical costs increased accident rates;
  • reduced productivity / performance;
  • reduced communication skills;
  • reduced attention and vigilance;
  • reduced reaction time – both in speed and thought;
  • loss of memory or the ability to recall details;
  • failure to respond to changes in surroundings or information provided;
  • increased tendency for risk-taking.


HFS provides fatigue management training to help employers and employees understand how their natural biological rhythms and normal sleep patterns work, and how both workplace and lifestyle activities tend to disrupt sleep.  HFS addresses these issues in providing practical instructional advice on how to lessen or cope with the effects of fatigue to achieve greater employer productivity and employee workplace health and safety.